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Al Khalifa Group is a global law firm with lawyers located in more than 2 countries throughout Europe and the Middle East, positioning us to help clients with their legal needs around the world.

About The Firm

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Simon Bell
Simon Bell
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About The Firm

Dr. Hamdi, has proven to be the first among his peers when it comes to Fraudulent Embezzlement in all forms in the law, he and several of his peers have founded the Al Khalifa Group beginning in 15 March of 2015, the Firm’s pillars were established upon the endeavor of the law as it is the most precise endeavor to look up in these times through unity and prosperity resulting in the very justice our vision holds for us and especially our clients.
CEO & Founder Dr. Zayed Faisal Hamdi
Zayed Faisal Hamdi
Modern glass wall of office building

Practice Areas

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Antitrust & Competition

Based on a comprehensive dataset on competition laws around the world, we examine the impact of competition laws on firms’ earnings management. In a cross-country examination using data from 58 countries, we find that firms tend to inflate their earnings when their countries adopt stricter competition laws, which supports the pressure effect of product market competition.


Cyber & Online Embezzlement

We at Al Khalifa Group Specialize in this specific area of Financial Fraud in all forms many of have gone through Financial fraud in the past, is very difficult when someone deprives you of your money, capital, or otherwise harms your financial health through deceptive, misleading, or other illegal practices. This can be done through a variety of methods such as identity theft or investment fraud, our focus is to retrieve and bring justice to those aggrieved groups or individuals.


International Trade Litigation

Our International Law group helps clients manage the risks and maximize the opportunities associated with the increasing regulation of international trade in goods and services. Our practice extends globally and provides a range of services designed to match the scope of global trade regulation and to answer the needs of our clients wherever and whenever they arise.


Class Action Litigation

Our team comprises more than 80 skilled attorneys located in offices across the Europe and around the world. We handle class action matters related to securities fraud, consumer fraud, consumer financial services, and insurance matters, among others. We utilize cutting-edge case management technology to guide our clients through every phase of the class action litigation process.


Insurance Recovery

We offer comprehensive services to policyholders throughout the European Union and abroad. Our attorneys represent clients in a wide range of matters that include policy audits, litigation for coverage recoveries, and complex resolution options that include strategic settlements.


Transnational Litigation

We specialize in protecting clients against claims in Europe. and other international courts stemming from overseas activities, as well as reducing and eliminating the risks posed by foreign litigation that, if unchecked, threaten company-wide implications.  Al Khalifa Group’s uniquely skilled, creative and experienced transnational team is equipped to manage all aspects of international disputes, coordinating and implementing offensive and defensive global strategies.

More Practice Areas

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Our clients are at the heart of how we work. Understanding what our client’s value and aligning with their needs underpins our approach. We invest heavily to ensure that clients benefit.

The internet provides criminals with an easy way to contact thousands of people at a time. Examples include, emails offering the chance to take part in money making schemes or claiming you are the winner of a prize draw, always take catuiom with who or whom you deal with, for more details click here

Keep passwords in a safe place, and don’t use the same one for every service and account. Change passwords every 90 days. Avoid public Wi-Fi. Never make online payments, send confidential information, or introduce important account passwords when using public Wi-Fi, our Cyber Team works around the clock in ensure the security of our Client’s worldwide.

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Our firm and it's wide variety of sharp attorney's and endless resources, showing that we deal with any kind of online embezzlement and international claims to a 87% success rate.

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Khaled Alhane is An employee in Technology Engineering Company which has regained his funds through legal representations against fraudulent companies in the financial sector.
Mr Khaled Alhanae 36
Dubai United Arab Emirates